On October 21, 2021, Gilbane Building Company and Turner Construction Company hosted a Construction Inclusion Week event focused on the importance of supplier diversity and how it impacts all of us in our everyday lives. Supplier diversity is a business practice that refers to the inclusion of businesses owned by diverse individuals or groups in the procurement of goods and services

Thank you to the panelists from Drexel University, Cameron & Associates 8, LLC, Pride Enterprises, Inc., and General Building Contractors Association (GBCA) for joining in the conversation.


  • Allen Riddick, Executive Director, Supplier Inclusion, Drexel University
  • Pat LaRoche, President/Owner, Cameron & Associates 8, LLC
  • Angela Hendrix, Director, Training and Workforce Development, General Building Contractors Association
  • Craig Williams, President/CEO, Pride Enterprises, Inc.


  • Dave Kaminski, General Manager, Turner Construction Company Philadelphia Office
  • Shawn Carlin, Vice President, Gilbane Building Company Philadelphia Office