In 2020, GBCA is partnering with 6abc to spotlight stories from Philadelphia’s union commercial construction industry. The next GBCA-produced 6abc Action News Weekend Update segment will focus on workforce development. The segment is scheduled to air on Saturday, March 21 around 9:50am.

On February 20, 2020, 6abc filmed the segment, which will highlight the impacts of two pre-apprenticeship programs: the Carpenters’ Apprentice Ready Program (CARP) and the Construction Apprentice Preparatory Program (CAPP). Host Gina Gannon interviewed alumni from these two programs:

  • Jamal Byrd, Lead Instructor and Alumni, CAPP
  • Gina Yiantselis, Alumni, CARP

Both Jamal and Gina are currently carpenter apprentices, working on major projects in the city.

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos of the filming!



The segment was filmed at the New College House West project site at the University of Pennsylvania. The project is being built by GBCA member INTECH Construction.

Several other GBCA members are working on the project:

  • A.T. Chadwick Company
  • BrandSafway Services, Llc
  • Carr And Duff, Inc.
  • Dan Lepore & Sons Company
  • Diversified Lighting Associates
  • Eda Contractors Inc
  • Healy Long & Jevin, Inc
  • Independence Steel, Inc.
  • Mayfield Site Contractors, Inc
  • N – Tech Systems, Inc.
  • National Glass And Metal Co.
  • Philadelphia D&M
  • Schnabel Foundation Company
  • Southern New Jersey Steel
  • Unified Door & Hardware Group