On March 2, GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council (CLC) hosted a virtual Coffee Chat with Craig Melograno, President, PDM Constructors, Incs. The informal meeting, hosted by CLC Officer Ray Prince of Madison Risk Group, LLC provided GBCA’s young and emerging construction professionals an opportunity to hear from an experienced construction executive, and to ask frank questions about working in Philadelphia’s commercial construction industry.

Craig shared his journey in the construction industry, including how he developed his company to what it is today. He also shared some of his vision for the industry as he takes on being GBCA’s Chairman of the Board, including working on workforce development and giving the CLC more opportunities to get involved in GBCA.

Some highlights:

  • Make yourself valuable, be a sponge for information, and look for opportunities to fill in the gaps in what is needed by your organization.
  • If you’re going to be a leader in your organization, it’s important that you can do the work of the people that you’re leading. This will help you earn their respect.
  • The people who step up and perform when they’re not asked to perform will get ahead.
  • Take initiative. If Craig wanted to get involved in something because he thought it would change his career, he just did it.