On Friday, August 14, GBCA’s Director of Training and Workforce Development, Angela Hendrix, spoke on a panel at a Mid Atlantic Construction Safety Council meeting.

During this virtual COVID-19 Industry Update and Discussion, the panel of speakers gave updates on COVID-19 response and how it is affecting the Philadelphia Region’s construction job sites. The panelists discussed the latest safety practices and recommendations. This included frank discussions about how while some safety practices are now more readily accepted, there are still challenges to implementing safety protocols on the job site.


  • Brandon J. Brigham, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius, LLP
  • Angela Hendrix, Director, Training & Workforce Development, General Building Contractors Association
  • Sheryl Timpanelli, Doctor of Nursing Practice, Worknet Occupational Medicine
  • Moderator: Shane Skennonto, President, Mid-Atlantic Construction Safety Council


Check out GBCA’s COVID-19 safety resources at our COVID-19 Updates website: