Aggreko is an equipment supplier with extensive experience in temporary power and temperature control systems for projects across industries from Construction to Manufacturing, to O&G and Data Centers.

Aggreko’s Construction and Building Operations division focuses on partnerships with General, Mechanical and Electrical contractors in everything from construction to planned utility outages to emergencies and contingency planning.

Aggreko North America has offices and supply centers in 40 cities and 30 states offering global and local experience in engineering-first, energy management solutions for Construction and Building Services in different industries.

Part of Aggreko’s success comes from its in-house engineering team, its 24/7 technical support team, as well as remote monitoring systems and capabilities.

Aggreko partners with contractors and customers throughout the entire project until the problem has been solved and all project need have been fulfilled.

Melanie Morgan is a Solution Specialist in the Building Services and Construction division, and Mark Lionelli is an Outside Sales Representative.