FDRsafety distinguishes itself with expertise and wide-ranging experience of its leaders and safety professionals. Their mission is simple: assist clients with top-quality safety professionals, whether temporary or permanent, as well as safety training and services to make their workplaces productive, safe and healthy.

Their deep roots in the safety profession have helped to establish a large network of highly qualified safety professionals available on a short notice, allowing quick mobilization of needed personnel. FDR’s staffing services will minimize the administrative burden on clients as all screening, interviewing, payroll and human resource matters stay with FDRsafety.

FDRsafety provides a wide range of safety and health services, including safety training, OSHA compliance, safety staffing, and safety and health expert testimony.  Their signature Attitude-Based Safety Culture Training program is based on their belief that the safest, healthiest and most productive work environments are created when workers are motivated to “want to” be safe rather than feeling that they “have to”.  FDR has had the privilege to train over a half million employees in this program.

Flavius Brown is Vice President.