PCS is a national award-winning consulting firm that provides the entire spectrum of IT solutions. It started in founder Anthony Mongeluzo’s parents’ spare bedroom. Today it has offices in seven states, including PA, DE and NJ, and more than 170 employees.

PCS offers fully managed services, project-based work, help desk solutions, and outsourced CIO, with experience and more than 100 clients in the construction industry.

PCS is aware of the digital transformation in the construction industry and helps companies improve and protect their digital presence and advantage over their competitors. PCS has helped its clients implement their IT resources to address four of the most compelling challenges the construction industry faces: labor shortages, sluggish productivity levels, safety, and adopting technology that doesn’t misfire or disrupt.

PCS has also broadened its cybersecurity offerings, given the staggering increase and damage done by digital security breaches. PCS offers breach response and customized security packages ranging from multifactor authentication and NextGen Anti-virus to Phishing Training.

PCS was the first in the industry to solve the most frequent IT complaint: waiting for IT support. PCS assigns you a dedicated service team that answers your call immediately.

Anthony Mongeluzo is PCS’s CEO and President.