VIMCO, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of concrete accessories and construction supplies. VIMCO also has a complete inventory of concrete forming equipment for rent and purchase. Family owned and operated since 1960, VIMCO has provided solutions to contractors throughout the East Coast. They supply their valued customers with professional and courteous service 6 days a week.

Made in the USA, their newest manufacturing facility “The Maggic Building” features state of the art equipment where they produce a wide range of products including bar supports, forming ties, dowel baskets and welded wire mesh for the concrete construction industry.

VIMCO has been written about in BFT International, a recognized trade journal for manufacturers of concrete and precast concrete products.  VIMCO currently operates the largest fleet of bar support machines which makes them the Largest Producer of Bar Supports in the USA. This is special, because they exceeded major national competitors.

VIMCO this year is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. Vic Maggitti Jr. is President & Owner and his son, Victor Maggitti III is Chief Operations Officer and his daughter, Lorraine Marinari, is Manager of VIMCO’s Dowel Basket Department.