Gilbane Building Company and Joseph Dugan, Inc. are helping Drexel University’s 131-year-old Main Building get a fresh glow. This cleaning and restoration program includes having the building façade cleaned, masonry patching and window restoration, and the terracotta and brick repointed. Gilbane Building Company is the construction manager of this restoration project and subcontracted Joseph Dugan, Inc. to work on the façade.

From Drexel News:

Some of the building’s original windows are still in place in the auditorium, so those will need to be repaired and restored. The building will be gently cleaned as well, and degraded mortar will be replaced to keep the building watertight.

“It’s actually a fairly complex project,” [Associate Vice President and University Architect Nancy Rogo] Trainer said. “Our first job is to make sure we’re not compromising any historical fabric unnecessarily. The visible improvements will be much more subtle than, say, the repainting of the Great Court ceiling, but the work is at least every bit as important.”