Revolution Recovery specializes in construction waste management. They offer a variety of options to recycle your construction, demolition, industrial and manufacturing waste including hassle-free dumpster service and eco-friendly recycling options with accurate, up-to-date project tracking with LEED® reporting and documentation.

At Revolution Recovery, they recycle between 500 to 600 tons of waste material every day. An impressive 90 percent of what’s collected is recovered and recycled. Revolution Recovery has partner organization called RAIR (Recycled Artists In Residency). The program is composed of artists who recover materials out of the huge piles of waste to create sculptures or art.

The company’s founders, Avi Golen and Jon Wybar, have served on the board of the Delaware Valley Green Building Council and have been elected as Technical Advisors to the United States Green Building Council’s Materials and Resources Group for the LEED rating system.

When Avi Golen and Jon Wybar opened Revolution Recovery in Philadelphia in 2004, they admit they didn’t know the first thing about recycling. What they did know was that plenty of good building materials were winding up in the landfill, and they wanted to do something about it.

The two went to high school together at William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. After attending college and working out of state for a while, the high school friends found themselves back in their hometown and wanted to change how waste was handled.

Revolution Recovery’s waste management plans outline how construction waste will be managed and processed. They can develop and implement a CWM plan that meets LEED® standards and ensures waste is handled efficiently while meeting a project’s Section 01524 requirements. No two projects are the same, so Revolution Recovery offers customized project tracking that meets their client company’s standards. They provide all of the information needed to easily manage and track construction waste to help a company reach its goals.

Revolution Recovery offers comprehensive documentation and reporting to LEED® standards. They are committed to providing >75% landfill diversion on every project and can help a project meet USGBC’s LEED® Materials and Resources credit 2 (MRc2). Revolution Recovery’s in house LEED® experts have worked on hundreds of certified projects.

According to Golen, the name Revolution Recovery comes from the company’s mission to recover as much as possible and the word revolution derives from the company’s approach to revolutionizing the waste industry’s handling of construction debris, which was very much landfill-driven when the company was founded.

In addition to their Northeast Philadelphia operation, The Revolution Recovery Delaware operation opened in April 2012 after the Delaware Solid Waste Authority awarded Revolution Recovery a contract to build and operate a C&D recycling facility in New Castle, Delaware.