Holt Construction Corp. has named Patricia Zugibe as CEO. She is the first woman to lead the firm in its over 100 year history. Zugibe has over three decades of experience in the construction industry and has been part of Holt Construction Corp. since 2014. Holt Construction’s Philadelphia office is a GBCA member.

From Bisnow New York City:

Zugibe will join Chairman Jack Holt and President Christopher Asaro to lead the executive management team of the Rockland County-headquartered construction management and general contracting firm.

“Turning the CEO position over to Patricia Zugibe feels like shifting a performance sports car into high gear,” Holt said in a statement announcing the appointment Monday. “With her ability, knowledge, experience and drive she will be guiding the Holt organization to the next level. We look forward to her striking an essential balance in this male-dominated construction industry.” …

[Zugibe] said she was proud to take on “the stewardship of Holt’s incredible legacy, reflecting on its resolve and tenacity to successfully navigate and persevere over 100 years in the construction industry by mitigating risk, staying the course and delivering exceptional client service.”

Before joining Holt, Zugibe was a partner at residential rental property company PVZ Development and owned firms North Rockland Developers and Zugibe Construction. Holt, which was established in 1919, has developed 30M SF of retail space, including Woodbury Commons.