As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Pennsylvania, GBCA continues to work with state and local officials to ensure the industry is able to work safely during this pandemic.

Starting Friday, November 27, additional measures are being required by the State of Pennsylvania to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Beginning Friday, November 27, contractors will be required to adhere to the Guidance for Businesses in the Construction Industry issued by Governor Tom Wolf and the updated Order of the Secretary of Health. Scroll down to read the full guidance and order.

While many of the measures outlined in this guidance and order are already being adhered to in Philadelphia County through the GBCA Protocols, additional measures will be necessary.

These additional measures are as follows:

  • “Implement temperature screening before employees enter the business each shift… send home anyone with a temperature or fever of 100.4 F or higher.” GBCA has been informed by the State Department of Labor & Industry that employers will be allowed to have their employees self-report their own temperatures prior to the start of the work day.
  • Wearing masks while on-site (within the perimeter of operations both inside and outdoors):
    • PA specifies “… requiring that every person present at a work site wear masks/face coverings” at all times.”
    • Exceptions allowed for eating or drinking during that active duration.
    • PA requires: staggered breaks as needed and “sufficient amount of space for employees to have breaks and meals while maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet, arranging seating to have employees facing forward and not across from each other in eating and break settings.”
  • 6 foot distancing required:
    • “unless the safety of the public or workers require deviation (e.g. drywalling, team lift).”




Through our collaborative effort with the Building Trades Council and the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, GBCA will review the changes to the state guidance and update our COVID-19 protocols for distribution to GBCA members as soon as possible