Fill out a quick survey and help improve access to design and construction documents on the jobsite. Mosen Foroughi, a PhD candidate in Architectural Engineering at Drexel University, is studying how to improve access to design and construction information regarding paper-based drawings on construction sites. This study aims to reduce the negative impacts the traditional approach may have on accessing and interpreting design and construction information on construction sites.

Foroughi is seeking the opinions of specialists (superintendents, construction managers, project engineers, foremen, etc.) about the pros and cons of traditional information delivery methods used by craftsmen, installers, and workers on construction sites, versus a new method we called AR-QR Code.

We would be grateful if you could complete one of the following survey links and/or share these links within your company network. Each participant needs to select only one of the links. The first link is related to the traditional approach, and the second one is regarding the AR-QR Code approach.

Both include a short video and a questionnaire that asks about the opinion of participants regarding each approach. Each of these surveys will take 10 minutes to complete in a single session.

Each participant needs to select only one of the links:





Click below to download the research invitation letter: