William Sproule was recently profiled in JerseyMan│PhillyMan Magazine. Having stepped into the role of Executive Secretary-Treasurer in April 2019, Sproule is working to solidify the message that the union is providing the best-trained and safest workforce.


From JerseyMan│PhillyMan Magazine:

Sproule, 52, has spent 30 years in the carpenters’ union, and he attends conference sessions to provide the larger picture of the industry as the executive secretary-treasurer (EST) of Philadelphia-based Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters (KML). [He] leads more than 40,000 carpenters in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and 10 counties in North Carolina and the District of Columbia that include 11 training centers that train 4,473 apprentice carpenters.

“It’s not only about getting the job, but it’s also about fairness, and when I see a job… I wonder if the worker is getting a fair wage or whether he has hospitalization if he’s injured. It comes down to a very simple question: ‘Is anyone looking out for him?’”

William Sproule