Reggie Asare, Skanska USA Building, Inc. 

Born and raised in Washington, D.C., it has always been an amazing experience watching this city revitalize from urban blight to urban renewal. Attending the University of Maryland and receiving a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management Technology, paved the way for me to apply what was learned in class to what I can be taught in the field.

I started out as a project engineer in Skanska’s Rockville office where I had the opportunity to work on a $230 million project. Even though it was my first project with Skanska, there was so much to learn and many questions were asked on such a large project. As time went on, I grew a desire to get involved with environmental, health and safety. There were times I thought, we are getting things built, but people are getting hurt, what can be done to ensure they go home the way they came to work. This was my slogan as I was filling in as an EHS coordinator at NOAA’s headquarters project in Maryland.

There was a passion for safety that everyone recognized. I was determined to prevent loss time accidents and with this mentality, a member of Skanska’s senior leadership team and our regional co-chief operating officer offered me the opportunity to work full time as an EHS coordinator for the Blue Bell office. Since then, working under Frank Baxter, there has been much added value in: explaining why I do what I do, building relationships with tradesmen and project teams, planning ahead, leading by example, and showing that caring attitude.

Philadelphia offered me so many opportunities and there is something always going on. As a CLC steering committee member for safety, there have been many occasions to meet people, travel, learn more about other contractors, and a way to give back. I look forward to continuing this wonderful opportunity with the CLC and always looking for chances to be involved. Please be a part of making a difference, helping one another, and moving the industry ahead; looking forward to meeting all of you.