As of September 1, 2016 the GBCA has established a “Project Safety Award” program.  This program is designed to acknowledge the safety efforts of project owners through their efforts to contract projects through GBCA members who meet specific safety criteria throughout the life of the project.  The award is given to the member, who in turn presents it to the owner, or their representative.

The first award was given to Belcher Roofing Corporation to be presented to the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority.  Belcher Roofing completed a re-roofing project at the Tioga Marine Terminal, while meeting the safety award criteria, putting in excess of 13,000 man-hours with no OSHA recordable incidents.  Congratulations to Belcher Roofing for this outstanding achievement.

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For additional information on this program contact Don Ashton, Director of Safety Services, at dashton@ .