On Wednesday, September 3, 2018, Benjamin Evans and Richard Ryan of the University of Pennsylvania, and Jim Harrity of OSHA, spoke at Eggs with OSHA. This was the final installment of 2018’s three-part series: Culture of Safety, and this session focused on Leadership and Effective Team Building.

Ben and Richard spoke about building a safety-oriented culture and team on the job site, drawing on specific examples from their work on the Pavilion, a University of Pennsylvania project. The project is a joint venture between LF Driscoll and Balfour Beatty, and also features work from GBCA members Madison Concrete Construction, Oliver Fire Protection & Security, Philadelphia D&M, Berlin Steel, and Dale Construction. Attendees discussed challenges and opportunities associated with having safety professionals connect executives with workers, and creating a workplace culture that values safety first.

Jim provided updates from OSHA, and also led discussions about current safety concerns in the Philadelphia Region.

Thanks to all who attended!


You can download Ben and Richard’s presentation here:


You can download Jim’s presentation here:


Below is a list of links for more information from Jim’s presentation:


Slide 5: Beryllium

Slide 11: Opioid Dependency

Slide 12: Workers and Employers Responding to Overdoses:

Slide 14: SAMHSA