Nothing can dampen the holiday spirit quicker than a seasonal accident.  Follow these tips to ensure your holiday season is festive and accident free.

Turkey Fryers

  • Set up the fryer outdoors on a clean, level surface at least 10’ from your home.
  • Keep children away from the fryer.
  • Keep a fully charged fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Only cook a thawed, dry turkey to avoid excessive bubbling and possible explosion.

Tree Decorating

  • If using a live tree cut a 1” round off the bottom of the trunk and water the tree every day.
  • Keep your children and grandchildren in mind.  Hang breakable ornaments and ornaments with metal hooks out of reach of small children.
  • If you need a stepladder to hang ornaments on a large tree, use one.  Don’t stand on chairs or other furniture.
  • Check light strings and extension cords for frayed wires, broken bulbs, loose connections, or broken sockets.  Always turn off the lights when leaving the home or going to bed.

Fireplaces and Candles

  • NEVER burn wrapping paper, or evergreen branches or wreaths, in your fireplace.
  • Keep candles, matches, and lighters out of the reach of children.
  • Ensure candles are placed on a firm, stable, level surface.
  • Don’t sleep with a lit candle in your bedroom.  In fact, never sleep with a lit candle anywhere in your home.
  • Never burn candles near flammable objects such as a holiday tree or curtains.

Keep reading each week for more holiday safety tips as the staff of the GBCA wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy, and Safe Holiday Season.