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GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: Signs of Depression and Substance Abuse

September is National Recovery Month. While mental illness and depression do not automatically lead to substance abuse, the symptoms of these issues can be related. This week’s GBCA Safety Toolbox

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: Water. Rest. Shade

The weather in Philadelphia is still hot and humid. Watch this video from GBCA Member Med-Tex Services, Inc., and check out an OSHA toolbox talk on Protecting Yourself in the

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: Effects of Weather on Portable Ladder Safety

Different types of weather such as heat, direct sunlight, and thunderstorms, affect the efficacy and the safety of construction equipment. This week’s toolbox talk from OSHA talks discusses the Effects

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: Common Risks at Work Due to Opioid Painkiller Use

This week, July 21-27, is Pennsylvania Construction Opioid Awareness Week. This week, we’re featuring a Toolbox Talk from the National Safety Council about Common Risks at Work Due to Opioid