On Thursday, December 14, 2017, the Lean Construction Institute will present a webinar, “IPD for Small Projects – Is It Possible?: An Owner’s Perspective”. This webinar will feature James Pease of Sutter Health, who has spent the last 10 years delivering capital projects using Integrated Forms of Agreement (IFOAs), aligned incentive structures, and Lean construction principles.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has been used successfully on large projects with great success over the last 10 years. Many people wonder if the benefits can apply to smaller projects and often ask, what size is too small for IPD? This presentation explores case studies of three smaller projects (ranging in value from $1.8M to $6M). A single design and construction team completed three different IPD projects over a period of five years in an occupied hospital in San Mateo, Calif. within OSHPD jurisdiction with great success. The team replaced a chilled water system, the emergency electrical system, and a 7,000 sf interior remodel consecutively using Integrated Contracts with shared risk/reward and execution of Lean principles such as Last Planner® System, Building Information Modeling (BIM), takt time, visual management, and a modified Big Room environment.

This presentation will dive into details of the projects, the team structure, lessons learned, and outcomes for these three projects through the eyes of James Pease, the owner’s representative for the projects.