Far gone are the days when the stereotypical profile of a construction worker actually held true. Today, there is not one single face of the industry. Construction professionals today show diversity in age, race, ethnicity, gender, and socioeconomic status, and with efforts underway to strengthen the industry by enhancing heterogeneity, it will become even more so in years to come.

As the face of construction continues to evolve with time, so does the necessary skill set and expertise. While diversity is desired and encouraged, what matters most is educating and hiring workers with the best qualifications to get the job done.

Read more about what is happening here in Philadelphia, and how GBCA members are working to be a part of these changes, and help train a new generation of construction industry members:


Several GBCA members and GBCA-affiliated programs are featured in the article:

  • Amy Novak, Torcon, Inc.
  • Emily Bittenbender, Bittenbender Construction
  • Trish Harrington, LF Driscoll
  • Tiffany Millner, ACE Mentor Program of Greater Philadelphia
  • Charles Cook, R.S. Cook & Associates and Drexel University