March 4-10, 2018 was Women in Construction Week in Philadelphia. The week, sponsored by NAWIC, recognized and celebrated women working in construction, as well as highlighted opportunities for women to join the construction industry.

Shoemaker Construction Co., one of the Butz Family of Companies, featured three interviews of three women leaders in the company. One of the women featured was General Manager Maura Hesdon, who is also a GBCA Board Member.

GBCA is proud of all the women working in our member companies, and strive to provide opportunities for women to join and succeed in the construction industry.

Check out the three interviews below!


Maura C. Hesdon, General Manager, Shoemaker Construction Co.

“My advice to women who are aspiring to have a successful career in the construction industry is to always continue learning new things as well as to be confident in the things that you do know.”


Sara León, Project Manager, Shoemaker Construction Co.

“The tide is changing. Our presence and influence in projects at different levels is also changing. I think it’s easier now to find a woman mentor that can give you hindsight and a panoramic view of what to expect and offer a positive outlook on how our presence in this industry can grow.”


Semi Toshi, Project Engineer, Shoemaker Construction Co.

“You need to have tough skin to be here but it’s possible and for anyone that’s passionate you can do it.”


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