AGC’s Construction Leadership Council is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of construction industry leaders. At the AGC 2019 Leadership Development Conference, September 11-13, 2019, attendees took professional development seminars to develop their leadership skills.


Motivational Leadership
Facilitator: Robert Johnston, President, Delaware Leadership Academy Inc. – Dale Carnegie Training

Attendees learned the difference between leading and managing, and how to get the best work from their teams.


Emotional Intelligence
Facilitator: Pat DeAngelis, Senior Advisor to the CEO & Leadership Team, EDA Contractors, Inc.

Attendees learned strategies to work with others better by improving their emotional intelligence. They also learned how to understand their emotional responses and control them so that they can make more logical decisions in moments of conflict or crisis. Side note: EDA Contractors was recently featured in local Philadelphia news for its use of Emotional Intelligence!



Thanks to our speakers for providing these invaluable resources!



The 2020 Leadership Development Conference will be held in Chicago, October 13-16, 2020. Hope to see everyone there!

Thanks also to the Conference Sponsors: