Kate Flint, Superintendent for Turner Construction Company and member of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia’s Young Professionals Council Development Committee, shared her thoughts about educating herself about anti-racism and being an ally for all communities. In particular, she writes about steps that she can take responsibility over when working to create a more inclusive workplace.

During lockdown, I took advantage of my newfound free time to better educate myself on how to be an ally. I focused on learning more about the racial disparities in our country, and what I can do to create a safer, more inclusive working environment. …

Companies composed of employees with diverse backgrounds encourage innovation and collaboration. To help build a more equitable workplace:

  • Take responsibility for your education. There are ample resources to expand your knowledge on allyship including books, movies, podcasts, and videos. Open-minded conversations with your peers are necessary, but do not rely on your BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] colleagues to be your teachers. …
  • Throw the Golden Rule out the window; do not treat others how you want to be treated, treat others how they want to be treated.


Click below to read more of Kate’s strategies to help build a more equitable workplace, as well as a recommended list of resources: