On March 25, GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council hosted a virtual Coffee Chat with Mack Stulb, President of LF Driscoll. This informal meeting provided GBCA’s young construction professionals an opportunity to hear from an experienced construction executive, and to ask frank questions about working in Philadelphia’s commercial construction industry.

Mack discussed how he came to lead one of Philadelphia’s largest commercial construction companies, and what it takes to be a successful leader in the construction industry. Some key takeaways:

  • Listen to your team. If you don’t, you’re destined for problems.
  • Don’t speak ill of your competitors, it’s bad for the industry. Your competitors can also become your close friends, and it’s important to have industry support.
  • If you are looking for a mentor, watch the people who are ahead of you and identify the qualities that are positive, and that are working for them.
  • Try not to get overwhelmed with the amount of work you have. Make a list, prioritize it, and knock off a few items each day. Delegate or ask for help for tasks that you can’t accomplish alone.
  • Make your own path in the business. If you don’t take a risk in life and look back at your career, you’ll ask, “what was I doing with my life?”
  • Make sure that you have a support system outside of work. Your family, for example, is really important.


Don’t be afraid to step into a territory that you’re unfamiliar with, because it’s the only way that you’ll grow.

Mack Stulb, President, LF Driscoll


Read a more detailed recap of the Coffee Chat, courtesy of MRG – Madison Risk Group:


Thanks to Mack for sharing his thoughts and advice with us, and thanks to all who attended!