On December 8, GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council hosted a virtual Coffee Chat with Pat. Pasquariello, CEO of P. Agnes, Inc. This informal meeting provided GBCA’s young construction professionals an opportunity to hear from an experienced construction executive, and to ask frank questions about working in Philadelphia’s commercial construction industry.

Pat discussed his path to a leadership role in his family’s business and in Philadelphia’s construction industry. Some key takeaways:

  • The best way to establish yourself is to respect others. They will in turn respect you.
  • Show enthusiasm. You have to have that spark if you want to be noticed.
  • Even with texting and emails, we need to keep encouraging verbal skills. It’s very important to be a good communicator overall.
  • Join organizations like GBCA. It may seem like other members are competitors, but it’s important to meet them as peers and friends. They will be the ones to support you and share in good and challenging times during your career.


What would I tell my younger self? I would tell myself to listen. The more I listened, the more I learned.

Pat Pasquariello, CEO, P. Agnes, Inc.


Read a more detailed recap of the Coffee Chat, courtesy of MRG – Madison Risk Group:



Thanks to Pat for sharing his thoughts and advice with us, and thanks to all who attended!