Antoine Johnson was founded with a guiding principle to promote design, sustainability, innovation and integrity. A MBE and WBE firm based in South Jersey, they provide their clients cost savings in management by providing planning and construction services. With over 20 years of architecture and construction experience, the company is led by Jewell Antoine-Johnson. Jewell is a visionary who believes the built environment should reflect sustainable design innovation and promote the craft of architecture and the building industry. It is their core belief, budgetary challenges, should not equate to lack of design, but awaken the faculties to produce design innovation.

Since 2009, they have offered architectural planning, design, project management, and construction management and construction services. They have successfully managed projects for government and commercial clients with budgets of $100K to $60M. Their success in the industry is based on their technical expertise, disciplined approach to mission-critical projects, and attention to detail regarding safety, quality, time and budget.

Their construction management services include developing a program; creating and evaluating project budgets and schedules; negotiating and entering into contracts with professional service firms; working closely with architect and engineering firms to ensure quality construction documents; managing the permit and approval process; developing cost accounting and reporting strategies; coordination of temporary and permanent utilities; and monitoring and coordinating daily construction and close-out activities.

Their general contracting services include: pre-construction services/project planning, cost estimating, schedule development and control, subcontractor management, site management, project accounting, safety assurance, project accounting, quality control and close-out and commissioning.

“When employed by our clients, we are more than a service for hire. We forge a partnership with a social purpose to advance the built environment and provide inspiration to those who experience it.”
– Jewell Antoine-Johnson