LitCon Group is a full-service provider of construction claims management, dispute resolution, and litigation support services. It provides in-depth, independent, and objective analysis using industry standard methodologies that are regularly accepted by the courts. LitCon Group provides construction dispute resolution expertise to attorneys, owners, insurance companies, design professionals, governments, and contractors in public and private contracting.

LitCon’s financial and accounting professionals are familiar with a broad spectrum of claim pricing methodologies. Its experienced team has analyzed virtually every aspect of claim pricing, including direct and indirect impacts, delay costs, overhead applications, time value of money, and consequential damages. The team has the breadth and depth of experience to take responsibility for analyzing the largest and most complex projects, but at the same time can efficiently handle smaller claims.

LitCon’s scheduling professionals routinely analyze critical path method (CPM) schedules in evaluating and resolving delay claims. They have experience in preparing and analyzing as-planned and as-built schedules as well as using various methodologies to accurately assess the project’s critical path. LitCon’s experts are skilled at gathering relevant project records, independently assessing what happened throughout a project, and effectively presenting the results in reports and demonstrative exhibits.

Robert Peterson is one of the firm’s managing directors and Christopher Foux is one of the firm’s directors in the construction practice.