TrenchTech, Inc. provides shoring solutions to the underground construction industry including utility contractors, excavating companies and general contractors. TrenchTech supports shoring efforts by providing site specific engineering and training to all excavating companies and contractors. Their fleet of delivery equipment are on call 24/7 to expedite the order for OSHA compliant equipment.

They also offer technical assistance in the field. TrenchTech specializes in site-specific designs and provides Competent Person Awareness Training and solutions for the most difficult problems. TrenchTech provides shoring solutions nationally and internationally, and is currently servicing the East Coast with locations in Morrisville, PA, Washington, PA and Beltsville, MD.

Since 1992, TrenchTech is a family-owned, local company of professionals that put the customer first.

Jay Kerrigan is President and Beth DeLone is Vice President.