The minute we stop thinking about safety is when an incident may occur. This GBCA Toolbox Talk provides some reminders for workers to help them refresh their job safety memory. Click below to download the Toolbox Talk as a handout (includes Sign-In Sheet).




Refresh Your Job Safety Memory

It’s easy to become complacent about safety on the jobsite. The minute we stop thinking about safety, however, is when an incident may occur.

Stay safe by taking a good “first look” at job tasks every day before beginning work. Be sure that your work area is safe and that your tools are in working order. Depending on the task at hand, a Competent Person may need to do an inspection, but you should also do a general jobsite inspection yourself. Here are some examples of things to check for on the job site:

Check Your Workspace

  • Are there visible fall hazards? Even at low heights, a fall can be fatal.
  • Is the jobsite relatively cleaned up and cleared of potential trip and slip hazards? For example, have the floors been swept?
  • Are materials properly stored? For example, is anything in front of emergency exits or
  • electrical panels, or blocking aisles or stairs?
  • Are there slippery substances such as liquid, grease, or sawdust, on the floors?
  • Are there areas with poor visibility, such as dark work areas?
  • Are there any suspended loads? Don’t work under them!

Check Your Equipment

  • Are there tools that are broken or in disrepair?
  • Are there electrical cords with cuts or missing ground plugs?
  • Is there proper guarding on equipment, such as angle grinders and saws?
  • Is equipment properly maintained, or does it need servicing or maintenance?
  • Does all moving equipment, including vehicles, have back-up alarms?
  • Do you and your colleagues have appropriate PPE, including fall protection?


Begin each day by evaluating your work environment. If you find a hazard, report it to your supervisor or site safety director.

Remember, safety is everyone’s job.


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