On July 8, 2020, Association TRENDS announced the winners of the 2019 TRENDY Awards, which recognizes the best marketing and communication pieces in the association and nonprofit community. GBCA received the Bronze Award in the CD, Video, Podcast or PSA for its organizational videos – We Built This Skyline: GBCA Video Vignettes.

Congratulations to all of the 2019 TRENDY Awards winners, and thank you to Association TRENDS for honoring our work!


Click below to see all 9 award-winning videos, or scroll down to see each one along with a description:



We Built This Skyline: This video gives a general overview of the role that GBCA members have played in creating Philadelphia’s buildings and skyline.


We Have History: This video examines GBCA’s history, from its beginnings as part of the Carpenters’ Company of Philadelphia starting in 1724 and its formation in 1891. The video also talks about the shift of the Master Builder to today’s General Contractors.


We Build Relationships: This video highlights that as a trade association, GBCA provides members with networking opportunities. Our events are designed to create a sense of community between members.


We Make Change: This video discusses GBCA’s activity as a political voice in local, state, and national politics. This video discusses the value of our involvement in industry and political discussions.


We Provide Education: This video discusses the continuing educational and professional development opportunities offered by GBCA.


We Build New Leaders: This video focuses on GBCA’s Construction Leadership Council, which nurtures and develops young construction leaders in the industry.


We Support Safety in the Workplace: This video gives an overview of GBCA’s safety services and why that’s important to our industry.


We Plan to Avoid Falls: This video focuses in on falls in the workplace, a leading cause of injuries and fatalities in construction.


We Help Develop the Workforce: This video spotlights workers who were trained in GBCA-sponsored pre-apprenticeship programs designed to increase diversity in Philadelphia’s construction workforce.