On June 12, 2019, the Woodmere Art Museum held a dedication ceremony for its newly acquired and placed White Water sculpture, created by Robinson Fredenthal.

The 19,000 lb., 40-foot-long, 16-foot high sculpture was moved from its previous location in Independence Mall Center City by GBCA Member George Young Mammoet. The sculpture was located at 401 Market Street, a property managed by Miller Investment Management, LP, and the American Bible Society. The American Bible Society funded the relocation of the sculpture from Independence Mall to Woodmere Art Museum, as part of its renovation to build the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center, being built by LF Driscoll.

The move took place March 17-18, 2019. George Young Mammoet was able to move the sculpture in one piece. A police escort led the way as the sculpture slowly made its way through Philadelphia traffic. The move took a route that avoided low bridges, and workers also raised power lines at several points of the journey.





Peter Saylor, principal at JacobsWyper, the architect for the Faith and Liberty Discovery Center project, attended the University of Pennsylvania with Fredenthal and played a major role in bringing White Water to the Woodmere Art Museum.

George Young Mammoet also performed the move of Free Interpretation of Plant Forms, a sculpture by Harry Bertoia, to Woodmere Art Museum in 2016.

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