For many students deciding on a college or an area of study can be an overwhelming task. St. Augustine Preparatory School’s shadowing program provides students with a concrete insight and real-world professional experience which aids them in making a more informed college decision. Please click here to listen to students as they speak on the value of participating in this program.

The possible shadow dates for 2020:

  • Wednesday – March 25
  • Thursday – March 26
  • Friday – March 27

Students are required to arrange their own transportation. A typical shadow day is one of the three March dates from 9am to 2pm.

If you have the capability and interest in hosting a junior student(s) for one of the three days to allow him to explore and gain information about your profession, we would love to hear from you. Please complete a St. Augustine Prep Job Shadow Questionnaire by January 20 (link below). An index of participating businesses/individuals will be provided to our junior students in February.



A student survey on college and career aspirations revealed a strong interest in the following areas (this may help you decide what departments to highlight):

  • Biology/Medical (Pre-Med, Research, Genomics, Physical Therapy)
  • Business (Accounting, Finance, Economics, International)
  • Computer Science (Cyber Security, Programming, Analytics)
  • Communications (Marketing, Journalism, Reporting)
  • Design (Art, Architecture, Digital, Film)
  • Education (Teaching, Coaching, College Advising)
  • Engineering (Biological, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Aeronautical/Aerospace)
  • Government (Policy, Leadership, Military)
  • Law (Trial, Crime Solving, Social Sciences)
  • Psychology (Mental Illness, School Counseling, Forensics, Security)


Please feel free to contact Colleen Salvati at 856-697-2600 ext. 136 or by email (click below) if you have any questions.