A recent article by the Carpenter Contractor Trust in Bisnow examines the need to re-examine the Pennsylvania Separations Act of 1913.

From Bisnow:

The Pennsylvania Separations Act of 1913 requires that all public sector construction projects use a multi-prime delivery system for contractors. This means that numerous contractors must be designated as equal prime contractors throughout the entire life cycle of a project, which has the potential to lead to schedule setbacks, budget concerns and a host of other complications. Pennsylvania is the only state in the country that has legislation like this on its books. …

Some industry groups, including the Eastern Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters, argue multi-prime delivery systems offer benefits on certain projects. While there are still other systems that offer similar, if not more, benefits, it is time for developers and contractors to be given more choices.

“The construction industry has evolved since 1913, and the way we do business in the construction industry must evolve as well,” EASRCC Executive Secretary-Treasurer William Sproule said. “Modern delivery and bidding methods are an obvious solution to allow more flexibility and more opportunity in deciding what is the best way to finish a project on time and within a reasonable budget.”