The City of Philadelphia has changed its contractor parking permit regulations, in effect October 1, 2023. The renewal/application process will open starting on Friday, July 14, 2023.

The application process for contractor parking permits is the same as it was previously.

Contractors will need to register each vehicle being driven around the city. The permit is associated with the license plate number of the vehicle. Each vehicle’s permit is registered for 900 hours and will need to be renewed every six (6) months.

Paying for Parking

  • When parking, contractors will enter their license plate into the Kiosk, select ‘I have a Contractor’s Permit’ and select their preferred amount of parking time.
  • Contractors will be exempt from posted hourly limits and may purchase as much time is needed.
  • Once parking is purchased, parking rights are valid in all standard meter zones throughout the entire city for the duration of the parking session.

Adding Time to Your Vehicle

  • Additional session time can be added at any time, at any kiosk, with your license plate number.
  • If you visit multiple job sites in one day, you are able to move your vehicle to any meter zone within the given parking time period without paying again. You only need to add time when your initial parking period is about to end.
  • More time cannot be added through the app. Adding time must be physically done at a kiosk.

Additional Notes

  • Contractors can add more time to their parking but CANNOT get hours back if a job is completed early.
  • Contractors should put in their best estimate of hours needed. If you are unsure of how long you will need to park, use discretion in your estimate of hours and keep in mind that you have the opportunity to add more hours from a kiosk.
  • If all 900 hours are used before the six-month period ends, contractors will need to pay $1 per hour, using a credit card at the kiosk.

GBCA has been working with City Council to stall and minimize increases to the city’s Contractor Parking Permits. Permit prices have not risen in 4 years, and we have worked with PPA to keep any changes manageable and reasonable for our industry.

Click below to read the City of Philadelphia’s new ordinance:

For more information, please contact Erin Dwyer Harvard: