Congratulations to Vincent Polverini and Rich Small of D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc., on a great performance at the 2020 SPEC MIX Bricklayer 500 World Championship! The competition took place on Wednesday, February 5 at the 2020 World of Concrete in Las Vegas.

Rich Small won the 2020 SPEC MIX Toughest Tender competition, earning him $2500 from SPEC MIX and over $1500 in sponsor prizes. The SPEC MIX Toughest Tender Competition is a combination of speed and detail. The 26 mason tenders were required to move and stack approximately 50 – 8″ block, 1000 brick, 4 – 16′ plank, and mortar pans accurately in the defined workstations. Small came in first place with a time of 14 minutes and 55 seconds and 100% accuracy.


Small also competed in the main bricklaying competition with Mason Vincent Polverini. The competition is a battle of skill, speed and stamina for masons and tenders from across North America. Each team had one hour to build a 26-foot-long brick wall as large as they could with as few errors as possible. Polverini laid 520 bricks with no deductions – all bricks were plumb, straight, level, and all joints were 3/8”. Polverini came in second for Top Craftsman.

We are extremely proud of what Rich and Vincent accomplished in Vegas. These guys have always been hard working, skilled workers, but to compete against the best in North America and beyond and win, it is all really exciting.

Nick Sabia, President, D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc.

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