On September 18, 2019, Employing Bricklayers Association hosted the SPEC Mix Bricklayer 500 Pennsylvania Regional Competition.

Congratulations to Vincent Polverini (mason) and Rich Small (tender) of DM Sabia & Co., Inc., on winning the 2019 SPEC Mix Bricklayer 500 Pennsylvania Regional! Vincent and Rich won $1000 and qualified to compete in the 2020 World Championship on February 5th, at the World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas.

Congratulations also to Joe Masters (mason) and Ryan Drakeley (tender) of Dan Lepore & Sons, Inc., on placing in 2nd and winning Top Craftsman! Joe and Ryan won $1800 (2nd Place Prize and Top Craftsman Prize).

The SPEC Mix Bricklayer 500 Pennsylvania Regional brought together 9 teams of masons and tenders to Xfinity Live to test their skill, speed and stamina by battling to see who could build the biggest and best 26-foot-tall brick wall in one hour. Vincent and Rich took home top honors with a brick count of 586, while Joe and Ryan finished with a brick count of 484.

This year, the competition included a Junior Bricklayer competition for high school and post-secondary students. They were given 20 minutes to build an abbreviated version of the wall built in the regular competition. Mason Damier Kemp and mason tender Daiguan Dunston from Williamson College of the Trades won the Jr. competition, earning a prize of $400. Congratulations!






Photo Credit: SPEC Mix