As part of June’s National Safety Month, the National Safety Council is holding a webinar on June 21: Why Preventable Deaths Are on the Rise.

Since 1921, Injury Facts has been the watchdog publication for preventable (accidental) death and injury in the United States. The new website ( is a free resource featuring interactive charts and graphs, so visitors can explore and compare the data as never before.

Join Ken Kolosh, NSC Statistics Manager and the creator of Injury Facts, as he introduces you to the new website and explores the latest trends, research and statistics to explain why preventable injuries are now the third leading cause of death. Among the trends Mr. Kolosh will highlight:

  • How improvements in accidental death rates have lagged behind other causes of death
  • Stark differences in preventable death rates based on ethnic origin and race
  • Preventable death trends by: age, month, and cause
  • The prevalence of preventable/accidental deaths compared to homicide and suicide
  • How the opioid overdose crisis is driving up preventable deaths
  • Why traffic crashes are increasing
  • The factors driving the rise in workplace fatalities
  • A comparison of fatality and injury trends by industry
  • The economic cost of preventable injuries and death
  • Your updated “Odds of Dying”, as many Americans continue to worry about the wrong things.


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