Safety Services

Job Site Safety Audits and Inspections

GBCA offers site safety audits and inspections for members to aid in:

  • Identifying potential risks to employees
  • Recognition of potential OSHA Violations before a citation is incurred.

OSHA does not require safety audits or inspections, however the agency views both as components of an effective safety plan.

Safety Policy Writing Aid

Laws change and work procedures change with them. GBCA is experienced with aiding and updating company safety policies to help organizations stay compliant with today’s changing landscape in safety. Reviewing policies with company employees and finding a discrepancy can be a costly issue. Usually after an incident, these flaws become noted by OSHA and the effect can be costly to employers as well as employees.

Training Guidance

Is your company’s safety training correct for the work you do? Do you have fall protection training, Silica awareness…do you need it and what’s required? There is a plethora of training traps a business can fall into regarding safety training, let GBCA aid you in avoiding costly mistakes by reviewing your current training curriculum. If you need assistance in securing training, either in-house or with specialists, as you need them.

OSHA Representation

It happens. Contractors are visited by OSHA, cited and fined for being out of compliance. There is an opportunity you may miss if you’re not informed, the OSHA informal conference. GBCA offers experienced handling and guidance with the OSHA informal process. You have the opportunity to discuss the citations with the local OSHA office personnel and go over the findings; you may then rebut and/or negotiate the citation/s. Our past record shows an effective reduction or complete elimination of fines and citations. The best defense is to be compliant, but when you need assistance we can help.

Incident Investigations

Incidents have a cause, finding that cause and objectively handling it to reduce or eliminate future incidents can be a daunting task. This is why GBCA offers assistance in your investigations. Outside safety professionals who confidentially work with your team to accurately isolate causes to incidents is a benefit that GBCA members can count on, regardless of company size or field of work.

Safety Consultations

Consultations are a good way to open dialogue regarding your safety needs. The GBCA safety services department is ready to explore your project from top to bottom to ensure the safety of the site and workers on-site, all while protecting the interests of your company. Access to multiple outlets of safety disciplines via the GBCA Safety Committee aid GBCA members in their project questions – with answers from experts from across the greater Philadelphia region.