City of Philadelphia Recommends Wearing Masks Indoors

COVID-19 infections are on the rise, largely due to the Delta variant. In Philadelphia, hospitalizations of children infected with COVID-19 are increasing. The City of Philadelphia’s Department of Health now

Fully Vaccinated Philadelphians Don’t Need Masks Outdoors

Beginning Friday, May 21, 2021, fully vaccinated people do not require masks outdoors in the City of Philadelphia. Masks, however, are still required indoors. Unvaccinated or not-yet-fully-vaccinated individuals should still

Mask Up, Philly!

GBCA wants to keep our industry safe and working.    Cases of COVID-19 are rising in the Philadelphia region. GBCA urges everyone in the construction industry to do their

GBCA Holds COVID-19 Safety Drill

On Monday, November 23, 2020, GBCA held a COVID-19 Safety Drill, an event for the Philadelphia region’s construction industry to stop and be reminded of the importance and value of

Stay Safe from COVID-19 During the Holiday Season

As cases of COVID-19 rise in the Philadelphia region, and the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has issued updated orders about traveling and wearing face coverings. GBCA

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: COVID-19: Isolation and Quarantine

This GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk discusses the distinction between isolation and quarantine in relation to COVID-19 response (Updated December 3, 2020). Click below to download the Toolbox Talk as a

GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: COVID-19: The Chain of Infection

This GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk discusses the chain of infection and how diseases such as COVID-19 spread. This toolbox talk works to explain how COVID-19 response and recommended safety protocols

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GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk: COVID-19: Face Coverings

This GBCA Safety Toolbox Talk discusses wearing face coverings correctly. In Philadelphia, all construction workers are required to wear masks unless they are in the act of eating or drinking.