On August 25, 2017, YouthBuild held their graduation ceremony. At the ceremony each year, YouthBuild presents a Meaningful Impact Award to partners and supporters of the program who have helped YouthBuild Philadelphia strengthen our program and pursuit of our mission, and paved the way for increased opportunities for our students. 

This year, that award was presented to Angela Hendrix, GBCA’s Director of Education & Professional Develoment. 

Please join us in congratulating Angela for receiving this incredible honor! 

*Pictured above: Nicole participated in the Carpenters Career Advancement Program and passed the Carpenters JAC apprenticeship exam. She is currently sponsored and will begin her apprenticeship with the floorlayers in September.*


Every year, thousands of young people in Philadelphia drop out of school.  This decades-long dropout crisis impacts individual lives by sustaining the cycle of underemployment and poverty, and threatens Philadelphia’s ability to thrive.

YouthBuild Philly was founded in 1992 to give high school dropouts a second chance and the opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves and their community.  Our innovative program offers young at-risk adults a high school diploma, valuable job skills, and the opportunity to learn and grow in a community-oriented, supportive environment.  We prepare our students for further educational attainment and meaningful careers as they become leaders and contributing members in a stronger Philadelphia.