The vibrant activity within our association of this past year seems to mimic the flurry of building activity happening within our city and region. GBCA continued to work diligently to represent our members in legislative matters during this important election year. Attendance skyrocketed at our programs and events, and sponsorships increased more than two-fold, allowing more construction professionals to experience and benefit from all that GBCA has to offer. We also realized efficiencies across the organization, enabling us to deliver even more opportunities and resources to our members.

Our mission to promote the industry and drive positive change can only be as effective as all the individuals who make up our organization. The involvement of our members — demonstrated through our active and expanded committees, sold-out attendance at several events, and support of charitable endeavors and community service projects — speaks volumes about what we can accomplish when we work together.

 Our standard of building excellence is making a lasting mark on the landscape of Greater Philadelphia and beyond — and so are we.