On Tuesday, November 6, GBCA, its members, and its educational partners will represent the construction industry at a careers opportunity presentation at St. Augustine Preparatory School. The session will highlight the current demand for qualified individuals in the construction industry, including in fields such as construction management and engineering.

We’re proud that the following will be representing our industry at this event!

  • General Building Contractors Association, Angela Hendrix, Director of Education and Professional Development
  • Drexel University, Christine Fiori, PhD, PE, Department Head of Construction, Engineering, Project Management and Systems Engineering
  • Drexel University, Kathleen Short, PhD, Construction Management Program
  • Jefferson University, Edward Keeter, PhD, Director of the Construction Management Program College of Architecture and the Built Environment
  • Jefferson University, Gulbin Ozcan Deniz, PhD, Professor of Construction Management, CABE
  • Intech Construction, Colleen Mills, Senior Project Manager at Intech Construction
  • Gilbane Building Company, David Maser, CM-BIM, Sr. VDC Manager – Mid Atlantic Division


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In 2019, St. Augustine Prep is looking for companies in the construction industry to host some of its junior students in a day of job shadowing. To allow a student to job shadow you, please contact Angela Hendrix at ahendrix@ Click below to learn more: