Updated February 15, 2019

In 2018, GBCA is partnering with the Select Greater Philadelphia Council to feature our members on the Growing Greater Philadelphia Radio & Podcast Program. This partnership features our members in interviews and cooperative radio ads with GBCA.

Our members have the opportunity to record an interview with Matt Cabrey, CEO of the Select Greater Philadelphia Council, which airs as part of the Growing Greater Philadelphia Radio Program on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT. The show airs on Fridays at 5:00am. The episodes and full interviews can also be streamed or downloaded online as podcasts through Radio.com.

GBCA’s members have been featured in the following episodes in 2018:

Episode and GBCA Member  Episode Podcast (full interview)

Episode 4 (April 27, 2018)

Ellis Guiles, Graboyes Commercial Window Company

Episode 5 (May 4, 2018)

Paul Horning, Clemens Construction Company

Episode 9 (June 1, 2018)

Jon Wybar, Revolution Recovery

Episode 13 (June 29, 2018)

Amy Novak, Torcon, Inc.

Episode 17 (July 27, 2018)

Jim Viner, HSC Builders & Construction Managers

Episode 18 (August 3, 2018)

Phil Radomski & Mary Kate Radomski, Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc.

Episode 21 (August 24, 2018)

Jim Smith, Armor Masonry Restoration, Inc.

Episode 27 (October 5, 2018)

Anthony Castelli & Michael Arvanites, The Safety Group Ltd

Episode 28 (October 12, 2018)

Dennis M. Dougherty & Jim Corrado, Med-Tex Services, Inc.

Episode 32 (November 9, 2018)

Dan Ellison, Cippco Inc.

Episode 34 (December 7, 2018)

Patrick Pasquariello, III, P. Agnes, Inc.

Episode 35 (December 14, 2018)

Ed DeAngelis & Cory Robbins, EDA Contractors, Inc.

Episode 37 (January 18, 2019)

Tony DiLeonardo & Jessica Thornton, Wick Fisher White

Episode 38 (January 25, 2019)

Ron Ebert & Bill Burke, Madison Risk Group

Episode 39 (February 1, 2019)

Kristin Smith & Angelique Hunter, Smith Flooring, Inc.

Episode 41 (February 15, 2019)

Tony Naccarato, O’Donnell & Naccarato

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GBCA is also partnering with our members to record cooperative, 30 second radio ads that air on WPHT, and online. Listen to the ads recorded so far!

Amy Novak, Torcon, Inc. Jim Smith, Armor Masonry Restoration, Inc.
Anthony Castelli, The Safety Group, Ltd. Dennis Doughtery, Med-Tex Services, Inc.
Ron Ebert, Madison Risk Group (MRG) Cory Robbins, EDA Contractors, Inc.
GBCA, Construction Excellence Awards GBCA, Happy Holidays!


Listen to all Growing Greater Philadelphia episodes here:

If you’re interested in participating in the Growing Greater Philadelphia Radio & Podcast Program, contact Lauren Tosti at ltosti@ and Byron Lee at blee@