On October 14, 2021, GBCA members gathered for the 2021 Fall Membership Dinner at Fairmount Water Works. During the dinner, we celebrated the work of GBCA and the role its membership plays in building our city. We also highlighted two fundraising campaigns: the GBCA Political Action Committee (PAC), and the Carpenters’ Company’s Campaign 300.
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GBCA actively works with local, state, and federal political leaders to advance our industry. This work is made more possible by contributions from our membership. Contact Lance Claiborne for more information about GBCA’s current political activities (contact him by clicking HERE). You can donate to GBCA’s PAC HERE.

Maura Hesdon, General Manager of Shoemaker Construction Co., also spoke about the Carpenters’ Company’s Campaign 300, a preservation project for Carpenters’ Hall. GBCA is supporting this campaign, and is running an additional matching grant campaign for GBCA members. An information session for GBCA members will be held on November 17, 2021. Learn more about it and register by clicking HERE.

GBCA’s and the Philadelphia building industry’s legacy is in its membership, and at the 2021 Fall Membership Dinner, we celebrated companies that have been GBCA members for 50+ and 75+ years. At this dinner, we celebrated the following companies and honored their membership with GBCA*:
*Some members were unable to attend and will be honored at an upcoming GBCA event.

GBCA Members for 50+ Years

  • Rosenberg & Parker (51 years)
  • Josam Company (52 years)
  • Travelers Bond & Financial Products (53 years)
  • M. Schnoll & Sons, Inc. (53 years)
  • LF Driscoll (54 years)
  • D.M. Sabia & Co., Inc. (56 years)
  • P. Agnes, Inc. (57 years)
  • Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc. (64 years)
  • Mammoet Industrial Services (65 years)
  • R.S. Cook and Associates, Inc.

GBCA Members for 75+ Years

  • Shoemaker Construction Co. (75 years)
  • James J. Clearkin, Inc. (78 years)
  • T.N. Ward Company (79 years)
  • Turner Construction Company (81 years)
  • Haverstick-Borthwick Company (82 years)