AGC Leadership Development Conference attendees were invited to a special reception on September 11 at Carpenters’ Hall. During this reception, Dr. Charles Cook, Assistant Clinical Professor at Drexel University’s Construction Management Program and GBCA Board Member, spoke about the role of the construction industry and the Carpenters’ Company and Carpenters’ Hall in the founding of the country. He also spoke about how the Carpenters’ Company was made up with the city’s Master Builders, and how this organization eventually gave rise to the General Building Contractors Association.

Dr. Cook also took attendees into private areas of the building, including the attic, where attendees learned about the different renovations that took place, and saw features such as an early lightning rod designed by Ben Franklin. Carpenters’ Company Assistant Director Alex Palma showed attendees the building’s library, highlighting the collection of rare books, and structural issues that the library created for the building.



Thanks to all who came to learn about the historical importance of Philadelphia’s construction industry, and to Dr. Charles Cook and Alex Palma for sharing this knowledge!


The 2020 Leadership Development Conference will be held in Chicago, October 13-16, 2020. Hope to see everyone there!

Thanks also to the Conference Sponsors!