Drones have been a hot topic in discussions about new construction technologies for the past few years, but are still not consistently adopted by construction companies. They’ve been presented as everything from a cost-saving tool, to a liability, to nothing more than an expensive, fun toy.

From Kenneth Sands, II, PhD. in Construction Today:

Is Your Organization Ready for Drones?

The use of drones in the construction industry can vary based on scope of work, repeatable workflows, and an organization’s ability and desire to innovate. … The internet is littered with information on potential uses of drones for various sectors of the construction industry, but first, as an organization yet to consider or adopt, certain implications of use should be known.


On September 12, as part of AGC’s Construction Leadership Council (CLC) Leadership Development Conference, GBCA and AGC will be holding a panel discussion about drones. This panel looks at how construction companies are using drones today, the legal and liability questions that need to be asked when setting up drone programs, and the lessons that we’ve learned so far.

Technology in Construction: Drones

  • Crystal Bennis, LF Driscoll
  • Matt DeBasio, P. Agnes, Inc.
  • Tanner McKim, Gilbane Building Company
  • Brian Wagner, Belcher Roofing Corporation
  • Moderator: Mary Kate Radomski, Frank V. Radomski & Sons, Inc.


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