Construction Dive named essential construction workers the People of the Year for 2020. Congratulations especially to GBCA’s members, who demonstrated agility and flexibility in response to COVID-19 protocols, as well as great commitment to the health and safety of the workforce and the public.

From Construction Dive (text in bold by GBCA):

When COVID-19 closed all but the most essential businesses in many parts of the U.S. this spring, the men and women working on construction sites found themselves on the front lines of a battle that almost no one knew how to fight.

Despite the risks to themselves and their families, they found ways to keep working even as other businesses shut down. They scrambled for protective gear like N95 masks and gloves, committed to frequent handwashing and tool disinfection, and quickly got up to speed on the importance of social distancing and staggered work shifts.

Contractors, subs, tradesmen and women, suppliers and others were among the first Americans challenged to create safe work places in the face of the deadly virus.


The publication reached out to several construction associations, including GBCA:

Despite confusion and a lack of government direction in the early days of the pandemic, contractors showed up for work while leading the way in learning about how to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Angela Hendrix, Director of Training and Workforce Development,
General Building Contractors Association



Photo Credit: LF Driscoll