GBCA has been in constant communication with both the Mayor’s Office and the Governor’s Office to ensure our members’ voices are heard as we continue to navigate uncharted territory, and as our nation and state respond to this pandemic.

This evening, the Governor updated the list of businesses that have been categorized as life-sustaining or non-life-sustaining, provided an FAQ to further clarify the intent and the process for implementation and created a website to field the waiver process.

The most recent update reflects the following changes:

  • The construction of healthcare facilities is now permitted
  • Emergency repairs for construction are now permitted


If you believe that your business and or projects meet the criteria set forth in the FAQs you can submit a waiver request . If you are unsure if your business or project meets the criteria and are unclear you may request further assistance by emailing

GBCA will continue to engage our partners to assess the processes and procedures to continue to provide updates as we get more information.



Updated List of Life-Sustaining Businesses



Life Sustaining Business FAQs



Waiver Request Website