GBCA’s leaders are reflecting on 2020, and sharing their thoughts with the Philadelphia Business Journal about what lies ahead for Philadelphia’s union construction industry.
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Now as we look ahead, the adversity we faced in 2020 pales in comparison to the strength we displayed this year when we worked together. We have so much more to accomplish as we head into 2021. We are more innovative, connected and committed to building a stronger industry, membership and region.

Benjamin Connors, President & CEO, GBCA


GBCA’s Chairman of the Board from 2018-2020, Joseph Clearkin of James J. Clearkin, Inc., spoke about how 2020’s challenges tested the industry and organization’s ability take care of itself and connect with trade partners to get through the year.

Our collective influence has tremendous power both on and off jobsites, and GBCA will continue to build on these valuable relationships for everyone’s benefit moving forward.

Joseph Clearkin, Immediate Past Chairman of the Board, GBCA


GBCA’s new Chairman of the Board, Mike Armento of Torcon, Inc., is excited to encourage continued growth in the organization and industry, and notes that GBCA’s existing workforce development efforts and the Construction Leadership Council are a strong foundation for building up the industry’s next generations.

There’s a great opportunity to change the perception that construction is only about skilled craft in the field – there are many career pathways, from technology to management, finance, design, operations and more. It is our duty to reach out and engage the up-and-coming generation to open their eyes to these possibilities.

Mike Armento, Chairman of the Board, GBCA